Template:Macbeoðen heafod

  • Dunecan, Scotta cyning
  • Melcolm Dunecaning
  • Dufenal Dunecaning
  • Macbeoðen heretoga þæs cyninges here
  • Banhwa heretoga þæs cyninges here
  • Gruoþ, Macbeoðnes hlæfdige
  • Scotta Dryhtnas:
    • Macduff, Lefenax, Ros, Menteð, Anagus, Caþanæsse,
  • Fleans, Banhwan sunu
  • Siward, Norþanhymbra Eorl, Englisc þreates heretoga
  • Geong Siward, his swustersunu
  • Segtun, Gerefa, Macbeoðnes radcniht
  • Bearn, Macduffes sunu
  • Englisc Læce
  • Scyttisc Læce
  • Wiga
  • Geatweard
  • Eald Wer
  • Nic-Duffu, Macduffes Hlæfdige
  • Gentlewoman attending?? on Hlæfdige Gruoþ
  • Frig, and þreo wicca
  • Hlaford, Secgas, Gerefas, Cempan, Morðorwyrtan, Cnihtas, and Bodan.
  • Banhwan Gast, and oðer Mistgastas.

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