Here is a selection of links for the Englisc tongue, but do add some more:

New writing Edit

The Englisc List

The Englisc List Archive

Google groups

Eald Englisc

þisne hring ȝesēċan

See also "Englisc Blogs"

Dictionaries and Wordhoards Edit

Bosworth and Toller on-line

Bosworth and Toller searchable (Germanic Lexicon Project)

Germanic Lexicon Project main page

Old English Translator

Thesaurus of Old English (University of Glasgow)

Texts Edit

The Old English Corpus Edit

An electronic copy of the whole Old English Corpus is held by The University of Toronto. They can make it available for to buy or subscribe, as long as it is for private study. There is a fee.

The same is available on terms from The University of Oxford.

Various texts Edit

Study Edit

First Steps in Old English (Stephen Pollington, for [Ða Engliscan Gesiðas Ða Engliscan Gesiðas])

Introduction to Old English (Western Michigan University)

Missenlic Edit

Wikiwood Various links to resources (Wychwood Warriors' wiki)

Labyrinth Library - Georgetown University

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